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How are the predictions on SoccerSite made?

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques, our algorithms analyze past football match data to calculate probabilities for upcoming fixtures. Our predictions are grounded in statistical analysis and mathematical models.

Is SoccerSite free? Do you have any hidden subscription services?

SoccerSite operates as an informational tool, and all its content is FREE. We don't have any hidden paid subscription plans, nor do we offer paid predictions or other services.

Is SoccerSite a platform where bets can be placed?

No, SoccerSite is NOT a platform for placing bets. We don't offer or endorse any forms of betting or gambling. Our primary focus is to provide data and predictions for informational purposes only.

How should I utilize the predictions on SoccerSite?

All predictions on SoccerSite are meant for informational purposes. Think of SoccerSite as a supportive tool that provides user-friendly statistical data to enhance your understanding of upcoming football matches.

What is 1X2 Prediction?

1X2 Prediction, often just termed as 1X2, is a forecasting system used to anticipate the outcome of a football match. The three potential results are:

1 representing a victory for the home team,

X indicating a tie or draw, and

2 pointing towards a victory for the away team.

What does Double Chance mean?

Double Chance allows you to predict two out of the three possible outcomes of the match. For instance:

1X suggests that the home team will win or the match will end in a draw.

12 indicates either the home team or away team will win.

X2 means the match will either end in a draw or the away team will win.

What is Over/Under 2.5

Over/Under 2.5 predicts the total number of goals in a match. "O" means three or more goals are anticipated, while "U" suggests the expectation of two goals or fewer.

Both Teams to Score

This predicts whether both teams will score at least one goal during the match. It's a simple "Y" (both teams will score) or "N" (at least one of the teams won't score) prediction.

What is HT/FT?

HT/FT stands for Half-Time/Full-Time prediction. It predicts the outcome at both half-time and full-time. For example, "1/X" would predict that the home team leads at half-time, but the match will end in a draw.

What does Draw no Bet mean?

Draw no Bet is a prediction where if the match ends in a draw, the prediction is nullified or treated as void. It's primarily a two-way prediction on which team will win.

What is Correct Score?

Correct Score is about predicting the exact scoreline of the match. For instance, anticipating a 2 - 1 score in favor of the home team would mean the home team would have two goals and the away team one.

How are the percentages before each prediction determined?

The percentages displayed before each prediction (e.g., 27, 35, 38 for 1, X, and 2 respectively) represent the Artificial Intelligence's confidence level or likelihood for each specific outcome. These percentages are derived from our AI algorithm's analysis, providing users with a quantitative measure of the anticipated outcome.

What are Value Predictions on SoccerSite?

Value Predictions on SoccerSite are outcomes our AI identifies as having a higher probability of occurring than what the general consensus might suggest. By comparing our AI's predictions to a broader spectrum, we aim to highlight potential opportunities for users.

What does Kelly Criterion positive mean?

The Kelly Criterion is a mathematical formula that's often used to determine the potential value in predictions. When we label a prediction as "Kelly Criterion positive," it means our AI believes there's a notable discrepancy between the general consensus and our analysis, thus identifying it as a valuable prediction.

What is Overvalue?

Overvalue refers to predictions our AI deems to have a higher likelihood than what's generally perceived. In other words, these are predictions where our AI believes the outcome has been undervalued or underestimated in terms of its probability of occurrence.

What is the Top 10 page on SoccerSite?

The Top 10 page showcases the top ten predictions that our AI has selected for the current day based on its analysis. These predictions are derived from a comprehensive examination of various factors and are considered to be the most noteworthy for that day.

What does Match of the Day mean?

Match of the Day is a special designation for a game that our AI has singled out due to its unique set of circumstances, analytics, and other contributing factors. This match is perceived as a highlight and worthy of particular attention for users.

Can you explain what Accas refers to on SoccerSite?

Accas stands for accumulators, which are combinations of predictions. On our Accas page, users will find different accumulators like the Win Accumulator Tip, Treble Tip, Draw No Bet Treble Tip, Double Chance Treble Tip, BTTS Accumulator, and Over/Under 2.5 Accumulator. These accumulators will only appear on a particular day if they fulfill specific criteria set by our AI.

What are Artificial Intelligence Points?

Artificial Intelligence Points represent the score our AI assigns to each team for a specific game. This score is determined by analyzing both teams set to play against each other, their past performance, head-to-head stats, player form, and other relevant data. These points are unique to that particular match and give users an understanding of how the AI views the dynamics of the upcoming game.

What does the Football Trends & Streaks page offer?

The Football Trends & Streaks page provides insights into the performance patterns of a soccer team over their last 30 matches. It highlights various trends, from winning streaks to specific goal scoring patterns.

What is the main objective of the Football Statistics page?

The Football Statistics page provides detailed insights and analyses of various football leagues around the world. It explores patterns, such as home field advantage, draw frequencies, goal averages, and more, to help enhance football strategy and understanding.

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